Medical Coding Services

We deliver complete medical coding solutions to reduce compliance risk and help to increase revenue opportunities.

Medical coding is a critical consideration for healthcare organizations ranging from solo practices to clinics and hospitals.
On the surface, the process seems so simple – it’s nothing more than applying universally-accepted alphanumeric codes to
the services provided to patients, whether that’s an X-ray, a diagnosis, or equipment sent home with them.

Medical coding can be incredibly complex. It requires abstracting medical information from patient records and other sources of information,
as well as a deep understanding of diagnosis and procedure codes.

At Mediassist Healthcare Solutions, we deliver vital medical coding services to help stop the bleeding.
There is no reason you should leave money on the table simply because of a basic coding error.

You can customize our reports to meet specific needs, with detailed reports used to identify documentation insufficiency trends and to educate physicians.

We help ensure your coding is accurate so that payers can understand the diagnosis and medical necessity for treatments,
procedures, equipment, and supplies provided to the patient.

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